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The mission of the Thompson Writing Program is to create and sustain campus-wide engagement with writing, communication, and scholarly inquiry. We work with undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and the wider community to generate research on, and practice of, writing processes and pedagogy.
The Thompson Writing Program (TWP) promotes excellence in teaching with a focus on active learning and writing as a means of critical inquiry.  It is widely acknowledged to be one of the premier academic writing programs in the country.  Our instructional model is imitated and the leadership of the program are in demand as consultants for writing and general education curricula.
Thompson Writing Program Fellowship Positions

Thank you for your interest in the Thompson Writing Program. 

  • TWP Lecturing Fellow position

We anticipate offering several Lecturing Fellow positions on a multidisciplinary faculty charged with teaching an innovative first-year course in academic writing. 

For additional information see:  TWP Fellowship postion.

To apply use our online application form at: http://twp.duke.edu/fellowships/apply-for-a-fellowship

Application period begins September 1, 2016 and ends October 1, 2016.

Chair:  Marcia Rego, Ph.D., Director of Faculty Development and Assessment

  • TWP Global Lecturing Fellow position

We anticipate offering a position for faculty to teach writing seminars at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) in Kunshan, China and in the Duke University Thompson Writing Program (TWP) in Durham, North Carolina. 

For additional information see: TWP Global Lecturing Fellow

To apply use our online application form at: http://twp.duke.edu/fellowships/applying-for-a-twp-global-fellowship

Application period begins December 21, 2016 and ends February 17, 2017.

Chair:  Denise Comer, Ph.D., Director of First-Year Writing

Thompson Writing Program Annual Events

The Thompson Writing Program (TWP) helps students develop as writers from their first through senior years at Duke, and supports faculty who teach writing in a wide range of courses across the curriculum. We do this in several ways:


Deliberations, the TWP's journal of first-year writing, is published every October. The journal features original student essays from the previous year's first-year writing classes. During Family Weekend, the authors discuss their projects at a reception honoring their work.


The National Day on Writing (October 20) is a day to celebrate writing in all its diverse forms. Campuses around the country plans activities that explore how we write, when we write, why we write, and what we write. The TWP invents a new prompt every year, then encourages people from across the Duke community to talk about their writing and writing practices.

Branches of the Thompson Writing Program

First-Year Writing

Writing 101: Academic Writing is a one-semester course taken during the first year by all Duke University undergraduate students.

TWP Writing Studio

The TWP Writing Studio offers Duke University undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to meet with trained writing consultants to discuss individual writing concerns.

Writing in the Disciplines

The primary aim of the Writing in the Disciplines program is to support our faculty in all aspects of their work with student writing. This includes consulting on assignment design to developing new W-coded courses to offering workshops on giving feedback and grading.

Faculty Write Program

The Faculty Write Program focuses on faculty-as-writers and aims to reinvigorate commitments to writing and teaching writing at Duke. The program cultivates multidisciplinary communities of writers to advance faculty writing and conversations about writing and research across the curriculum.

    • TWP Faculty Fall 2015
Deliberations 2017

The Thompson Writing Program is  accepting student writing submissions for consideration for Deliberations 2017. The deadline to apply  is  Friday, May 5, 2017 at 5:00pm. Click here to apply.

See The Chronicle for an article about Writing 101 classes to write home about.   

Writing 101 course content veers toward the unexpected by Christy Kuesel.

"Students can dabble in science fiction films, anthropology, Disney and even more this semster. "

TWP Writing Studio Reopens for spring semester on Tuesday, Janurary 17th.
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TWP Writing Studio Locations & Spring 2017 Hours:
West Campus in Perkins 112

Mon-Thurs   9am-9pm

Sun                6pm-9pm

East Campus in Bivins 107 (enter center bay door and we're on the main floor on the right)

Mon-Thurs   9am-5pm

East Campus in Lilly Library (on the second floor)

Mon-Thurs   6pm-9pm

Sun                6pm-9pm



Thompson Writing Program Fellowship Positions
Thank you for your interest in the Thompson Writing Program. 
TWP Lecturing Fellow position(s)

Application period begins September 1, 2016 and ends October 1, 2016.



Visit the Language, Arts + Media Program website to find blog posts, resources, and more information about how the TWP aims to spark dialogue across Duke regarding the opportunities and responsibilities of teaching undergraduates in a digital age.

Spring 2015 Newsletter

Click here to view the Spring 2015 issue of Duke Writes, Newsletter of the Thompson Writing Program.  This issue contains an article about Vicki Russell, Founding Director of the Writing Studio, Writing 101, Civic Engagement and the upcoming event  What’s Your Story?