TWP Fellowships

TWP has two types of Lecturing Fellowships to assist with the training of introductory and upper-level writing courses:

TWP Lecturing Fellowship

We anticipate offering several Lecturing Fellow positions on a multidisciplinary faculty charged with teaching an innovative first-year course in Academic Writing (Writing 101). We seek candidates with a Ph.D. in any field and a demonstrated commitment to undergraduate teaching. Those with Ph.D.s in STEM disciplines or the quantitative social sciences are especially encouraged to apply. Fellows are asked to draw on their disciplinary training and interests to design a seminar-style course introducing students to academic writing.

TWP Global Lecturing Fellowship

Global Lecturing Fellows teach writing seminars at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) in Kunshan, China and in the Duke University Thompson Writing Program (TWP) in Durham, North Carolina. During one semester each academic year, faculty are charged with designing and teaching an innovative upper-division writing seminar at DKU called Writing across Cultures (Writing 230SK), which facilitates an exploration of writing in international contexts. During the alternate semester each academic year, faculty design and teach an innovative theme-based first-year course at Duke University’s Durham campus called Writing 101: Academic Writing, which introduces students to university-level writing. Global Lecturing Fellows draw on their disciplinary training and interests to design both Writing Across Cultures and the Academic Writing Seminar.

Currently there are no open positions for the TWP Global Lecturing Fellowship.