The Lee D. Baker Scholars Program

The Lee D. Baker Scholars Program (Baker Fellows) offers a select group of outstanding undergraduates the opportunity to extend and deepen their Writing 101 experience in the form of an enhanced, intensively mentored research and writing project, especially in the Humanities and Interpretive Social Sciences. The Baker Fellowship provides a rising sophomore with funding for summer research followed by a fall semester small-group independent study (Writing 293) during which they draft and revise a substantive written project based on their research. The WR Fellows are supported in their research by a Faculty Research Mentor, drawn from units across Duke, a Library Research Consultant, and expert guidance in research and writing through their Writing 293 facilitator and Thompson Writing Studio tutors. Their writing projects are published in special online issues of Deliberations, the TWP’s journal of undergraduate student writing, or another relevant publication. If you have questions, please contact , Director,  Baker Fellows, or , Research Connections Advisor, Baker Fellows.

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The TWP has developed a new resource: an online suite of videos and quiz tutorials for enrichment on U.S. classroom participation strategies and academic writing practices.

Students can explore the learning modules to strengthen their knowledge about academic integrity, essay structure, citation practices, sentence structure, and more. They can also join the forums to engage in cross-cultural exchanges about writing and learning.

Access DukeWrites Enrichment Suite by following these easy steps:

1. Go to                                              

2. Click Workspace, then Membership                       

3. Click the “Joinable Sites” tab

4. Search for “DukeWrites Enrichment" in the search

5. Then follow the instructions to join the sitebox                                  

6. Once you’ve joined, DukeWrites Enrichment will appear under Projects on your main Sakai page


This work was funded by a Center for Instructional Technology (CIT) JumpStart Grant and had the support of Randy Riddle from CIT and Mich Donovan from the Office of Information Technology. Denise Comer, TWP Director of First-year Writing, and Rene Caputo, TWP Fellow and ESL Specialist, co-led the project. Dr. Caputo developed content with help from Writing Studio Tutors Beth Long and Margaret Swezey. Writing Studio Tutor Kelly Goyette edited video content and designed the project website.

The TWP LAMP Initiative

Visit the Language, Arts + Media Program website (LAMP@TWP) to find blog posts, resources, and more information about how the TWP aims to spark dialogue across Duke regarding the opportunities and responsibilities of teaching undergraduates in a digital age.

The Bacca Foundation has given a $5 million gift for a new undergraduate program focused on building strong, contemporary communication skills in our students. The program, called Language, Arts + Media Program (LAMP), will engage every first-year student in learning a broad range of communications skills for traditional and new media. The program also will fund development of new, upper division courses that build on this foundational training and allow students to deepen their understanding and practice of twenty-first century communication while at Duke.

The Thompson Writing Program will be at the center of this effort, given our strong commitment to undergraduate education, our history of innovation in writing pedagogy, and our interdisciplinary expertise that includes faculty teaching and scholarship related to new media, public scholarship, and oral communication.

Read a Dcember 1, 2014 update on the LAMP work in this Duke Today interview with TWP LAMP Director Jennifer Ahern-Dodson: Going Digital: Reinventing Duke's Writing Curriculum.

Questions about a TWP event or news story? Contact the TWP at 919-660-4368.

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