Writing Workshops

Click here to view and register for both general and ESL-focused undergraduate writing workshops.

Writing as a Process

Look here for handouts and links on:

ESL/EFL Resources

Especially tailored to non-native speakers, these resources include tips on writing for American academic audiences, vocabulary and grammar guides, learner's dictionaries, and more.

Genres of Writing

Working on a laboratory report? A cover letter? A poetry explication? These texts are all genres: they all require authors to become familiar with specific organizational patterns, syntax, and knowledge-making practices particular to the academic fields or professional settings from which they come. Look here to find out more about these genres and over 30 others that Duke students and faculty are likely to use in their writing.

Writing for Specific Disciplines

Look here for information about how to meet the standards and expectations for writing in specific academic fields, from Music to Biology.

Working With Sources

Here you will find handouts that will help you to evaluate, read critically, quote, and cite the texts you use.

Grammar and Reference

In this section, you'll find answers to your questions about grammar and punctuation. You'll also find access to resources that can help enrich your writing, including the dictionaries and other major reference works.


Freelance Editing & Help for Hire

Here you will find a handout including helpful information about freelance editors and the contact information of freelance editors that have worked with grad students in the past.

If you are looking for an editor, proofreader, typist, or tutor for your child, you may want to search UNC's Help for Hire webpage to see a list of local people who are interested in doing this work for a fee.

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Handouts for High School Students

As part of the Writing Studio's community outreach initiative, we are developing a series of handouts geared especially toward high school students' writing needs. These handouts supplement the other handouts and links on our website. If you are a student or teacher and you know of a particular handout need that is not yet being met, .