Short guides to writing for specific disciplines

While some attributes of academic writing remain constant across disciplines, others vary to meet standards and expectations of specific fields. The short guides below offer tips for writing within specific academic disciplines.

  1. Anthropology (UNC)
  2. Art History (UNC)
  3. Biology (Marquette)
  4. Business (Purdue)
  5. Communications (UNC)
  6. Drama (UNC)
  7. Economics (Duke)
  8. History (Duke)
  9. Literature (Purdue)
  10. Music (Duke)
  11. Philosophy (Jim Pryor, NYU)
  12. Political Science (Duke)
  13. Psychology (U Penn)
  14. Public Policy: Op-Eds and Policy Memos (Duke)
  15. Religion (UNC)
  16. Scientific Writing for Scientists (Duke)
  17. Scientific Writing for Scientists (American Scientist)
  18. Scientific Writing Resource (Duke)
  19. Sociology (UNC)
  20. Visual Studies

Discipline-Specific Formats

For annoted, formatted examples of documents in the humanities, natural and applied sciences, and business, consider also browsing Bedford-St. Martin's Model Documents Gallery.

For citation standards, consult exemplay journals in your field.

Help from Live Human Beings: Librarians

If you need help researching a paper for a specific discipline, consider contacting a subject librarian. Alternatively, you can request one-on-one help from an expert through the Duke University Library website.