The Thompson Writing Program &
Duke Kunshan University, China

The Thompson Writing Program is delighted to offer a writing seminar at Duke Kunshan University (DKU) in China. Writing 230SK: Writing Across Cultures provides writing experience and training through theme-based seminars with a particular emphasis on writing in multicultural contexts and cross-cultural inquiry through and about writing. TWP faculty offer guided practice in intellectual reading and writing of the sort expected in courses across the academy and in civic and professional life beyond the university. Please see the link at the left for individual course descriptions.


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Thompson Writing Program Fellowship Positions

Thank you for your interest in the Thompson Writing Program.  We have openings for two very distinct positions.  Please ensure that you use the correct application link for the position you are seeking.  

Global Writing Lecturing Fellow position(s)

Application period begins September 15, 2015 and ends October 15, 2015.

If you have questions regarding the Global Writing Lecturing Fellow position(s), contact Denise Comer, Ph.D., Director of First-Year Writing at

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