Undergraduate Research in the TWP

Students working with TWP faculty have produced cutting-edge scholarship, including publications and presentations in both print and online forms. Please browse the acclaimed student essays in Deliberations, Duke's journal of first-year writing, as well as the independent writing projects designed in Writing 293. See below for other ways in which first-year writing students have published and presented their Writing 101 work. 

First-Year Writing Students Publish and Present:

Vinay Giri (Writing in the Digital Ecosystem, Summer 2014, Professor Nan Mulleneaux) will be published in the Armstrong Undergraduate Journal of History (link pending).

Gautam Hathi (Writing 101, Fall 2013, Professor Aria Chernik) created a WordPress site on Politics in the Age of Twitter which was included as a featured link in the Huffington Post article Putting Obama's Falling Millennial Support into Perspective. Read the full story (and how it came about due to Twitter) here.

Belex Cheng, Sam Coons, and Austin McKee (Writing 101, Fall 2013, Professor Joshua Davis) wrote opinion-editorial pieces on the debate over renaming Aycock dormitory which were published in The Herald-Sun.

Nourhan Elsayed (Writing 101, Spring 2013, Professor Benjamin Gatling) has been published on the website ISLAMiCommentary. Her article is titled, "'Topless Jihad': Fighting Oppression with Oppression?"

Alex Hish, (Writing 101, Spring 2013, Professor Julie Tuttle) has been awarded the Dean’s Summer Research Fellowship for Summer 2013. Alex’s fellowship proposal was informed by his initial research and literature review in Writing 101.

Emily Du, (Writing 101, Spring 2012, Professor Kathleen Millar) has been published in Penn State Berks' first volume of the Undergraduate Journal of Service Learning & Community-Based Research.  

Lauren Kervian, (Writing 101, Spring 2012, Professor Ami Shah) had her writing featured on the website A View From the Cave: KONY2012 Reflection

Students of Professor Nicolette Cagle (Writing 101, Spring 2012) will be giving presentations. To learn more, please visit Threatened Plant Communities of North Carolina: A Student Presentation.

John Bowman, (Writing 101, Fall 2011, Professor Ami Shah) had his writing featured on A View From the Cave website: "Academic Blogging"

The following students (Writing 101, Spring 2011, Professor Sandra Cooke) co-authored an article published in the Journal of the North Carolina Academy of Science:
Caitlin B. Finn
Ming Leung
Hannah Naughton
Andre May
Xiangyu Wang

The following students (Writing 101, Fall 2009, Professor Chris Erlien) have their writing featured in Duke University's Center for Instructional Technology Blog:
Ruth Zhang, "Google Earth as a Database and Map"
Brinson Paolini, "Google Earth in Literature"
Dax Kelso, "Google Earth Advice"

Patrick Yan (Writing 101, Fall 2009, Professor Chris Erlien): 
"Google Earth: An Analysis of Google Earth Layers as a Communication and Marketing Tool in Raising Environmental Awareness." Vertices 4 (2010): 23-31.

Virginia Rieck, (Writing 101, Fall 2007, Professor Kristin Solli): 
"Lessons of My Father: The Double-Edged Symbols of Cowboy Authenticity." The Norton Pocket Book of Writing by Students. New York: Norton, 2010. 140-150.

Lindsey Arthur, (Writing 101, Fall 2007, Professor Keith Wilhite):
 "The Domestication of Death: Preserving the Suburban Status Quo in The Virgin Suicides.The Norton Pocket Book of Writing by Students. New York: Norton, 2010. 264-272.

Anne Hart, (Writing 101, Fall 2007, Professor Keith Wilhite):
"Televisuality in The Virgin Suicides.The Norton Pocket Book of Writing by Students. New York: Norton, 2010. 255-263.

The Thompson Writing Program encourages undergraduates to publish their research, be it in Deliberations, Duke's journal of first year writing, or through one of the following opportunities:

Duke University is home to many Undergraduate Publications. Peruse this link for opportunities to publish undergraduate research in economics, literature, public affairs, volunteering experience, fine arts photography, etc.

Opportunities for publishing also exist outside of Duke: Undergraduate Journals and Conferences Directory.