Writing 270 Composing the Internship Experience

This course examines how students currently participating in an internship or other work-related experience can productively narrate their experiences using digital rhetoric and social media. Current topics include theoretical perspectives on social media, composing in digital platforms, and examining audience, purpose, and context in the public sphere. The course does not require any prior knowledge of social media, nor does it require making any writing public beyond the course. A video course description available here.

Prerequisites: Writing 101. Consent of Instructor required.

Former Writing 270 Projects

  • Sanmi Oyenuga created a podcast that investigates work environments and company cultures, and especially the differences between working for a large organization versus a startup or other small company. The podcast includes his own reflections as well as commentary from several friends, including two fellow Duke students, based on their own work experiences. Listen here.
  • Yuqi Yun made a website offering advice for students working in research environments. Yuqi worked in an astrophysics research group at Northwestern. Check out the website here.
  • Melissa Zhang created two separate-but-related infographics: "How to Hack Your Way To A Product Management Internship In 3 Months" (view infographic here) and "What Makes A Great Product Manager" (view inforgraphic here).