Lecturing Fellows' Scholarship

While the work of the TWP Postdoctoral Fellowships centers on the development of faculty as teachers of writing, we anticipate that this work sponsors—and is sponsored by—active scholarly engagement. TWP faculty have written books and journal articles, presented at international, national, and local conferences, and conducted cutting-edge fieldwork across the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Their work has been recognized by grants, honored with awards, and acclaimed by readers in the field.

The TWP offers formal support for scholarly development in the form of annual research stipends and competitive research grants. In addition to these formal mechanisms, our faculty often take advantage of our program's collegiality to form ongoing, productive writing and reading groups, as well as to arrange more spontaneous opportunities to share work with one another. One of the distinct characteristics of our program is that faculty can discuss their work-in-progress with scholars who can offer a wide variety of disciplinary perspectives.