TWP Writing Studio: Faculty Guide

As part of the Thompson Writing Program, the Writing Studio promotes excellence in writing by providing tutoring services for the Duke community. The Studio has a trained staffed that includes professionals with advanced degrees and graduate students—all from a variety of disciplines. Our tutors participate in ongoing training and share a strong interest in supporting students in their writing. The Studio works with all levels of writers from a wide range of disciplines. Undergraduate students and international graduate students may schedule appointments at the Writing Studio up to three weeks in advance. Other graduate students, faculty, and staff are welcome to utilize the Writing Studio on a “day of” basis as space permits.

The Writing Studio's Three Types of Resources

One-on-One Student Conferences                                    

The primary way we serve writers is through one-on-one 50-minute conferences, during which writers converse with a tutor. Students can make a conference to discuss any type of writing project, including academic essays, memos, reports, honors theses, creative writing, and personal statements. We welcome writers at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming and researching to drafting, revising, or polishing a final draft.

At the conclusion of each conference, tutors, often in collaboration with the student, write a conference summary that describes the highlights of the session. Generally, these are sent via email to the student’s professor. We hope these create opportunities for faculty to discover more about their students as writers. If faculty members have additional questions about what happened during a session, we encourage them to ask the writer.

We encourage faculty to recommend our services to students, but ask that they do not require their students to visit the Studio. Required visits limit the number of appointments available to other students, and runs counter to the voluntary, collaborative spirit of our conferences. Students and other members of the Duke community can easily make appointments online the Writing Studio website.

Customized Classroom Workshops

The Writing Studio also offers regular group workshops on various aspects of the writing process. Faculty are welcome to request in-class workshops and tutors can adapt or create workshops to fit the particular needs of the course. Generally, we prefer that requests for in-class workshops be submitted at least three weeks in advance.

Online Resources

The Resources section offers links to a wide range of online materials related to academic writing, including developing a claim, writing clearly and concisely, working with quotations, and so on. In addition to material that covers the writing process, we offer extensive guides to writing in different disciplines and writing in a range of genres. The site also includes a section devoted to ESL/EFL resources, which addresses everything from ESL-specific grammar and vocabulary concerns to cultural perspectives on plagiarism. Below, you’ll find a list of links to some of our most popular online “handouts.” These resources are not just for students; faculty often draw on these resources when crafting writing assignments and discussing writing in their classes.