Leslie C Maxwell

Leslie C Maxwell

Instructor of Thompson Writing Program

External Address: 
1 Brodie Gym Drive, Art Building, Durham, NC 27701
Internal Office Address: 
Box 90025, Durham, NC 27708
(919) 668-9100


My professional interest is in writing of many kinds, and my work shows the same breadth of interest, as I've written personal essays, flash nonfiction, flash fiction, short stories, and magazine journalism. As a professor and teacher, I'm interested in helping students find ways to enjoy writing. I believe in helping students gain confidence in making choices about writing. I'm also interested in helping students retain the skills they hone and practice in their writing and apply those skills in other classes and writing situations.

My own writing has appeared in many publications. Creative writing, including personal essays and short stories, have appeared in Fourth Genre, Rappahannock Review, Juked, and The Fourth River, among other publications. My professional and journalistic writing has appeared in Walter Magazine and The News & Observer, among other publications.

Education & Training

  • M.F.A., George Mason University 2012

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