Paolo Bocci

Paolo Bocci

Lecturing Fellow of Thompson Writing Program


I am a cultural anthropologist interested in citizenship, agriculture, and ecology in Ecuador. I have conducted over two years of fieldwork on the Galapagos Islands looking at conservation and agriculture in the highlands of the inhabited islands of the archipelago. I write about alternative ways for nature and society to coexist to state-mandated forms of "living well" ('buen vivir') and rights to nature.  I draw on feminist science studies and more-than-human anthropology to challenge dominant paradigms used to address the Anthropocene in social sciences and beyond, such as 'resistance', 'care', and 'resilience'.

Education & Training

  • Ph.D., University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill 2017

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Bocci, P. “Utopian Conservation: Scientific Humanism, Evolution, and Island Imaginaries on the Galápagos Islands.” Science Technology and Human Values, Jan. 2019. Scopus, doi:10.1177/0162243919889135. Full Text

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