Earning the WID certificate involves these basic requirements:

1.  Six Writing in the Discipline (WID) Events

  • Attendance and written reflections for 6 WID events, either workshops or journal club
  • Four of these events MUST be the following core workshops:
    • Crafting Effective Writing Assignments I: The Writing Task
    • Crafting Effective Writing Assignments II: The Writing Process
    • Responding to Student Writing
    • Grading Student Writing
  • For journal club meetings, you are expected to read the article prior to the discussion.

2.  WID Portfolio

Completed portfolios, compiled on a single document, should contain the following:

  • Workshop/journal club reflections: Written reflections (250 – 500 words) on each of the six workshops or journal club meetings for which you receive credit. (These reflections will also serve as records of attendance at the workshops.)
  • Reading reflections (250–500 words each) on two chapters of The Elements of Teaching Writing: A Resource for Instructors in All Disciplines by Gottschalk and Hjortshoj.
  • Writing assignment sample: One major or two minor writing assignments. These may be assignments you created or ones you revised for a course for which you were the teaching assistant. Plus a 250–500 word reflection discussing the writing assignment(s) in relation to ideas you have learned in workshops and/or journal club discussions.
  • Feedback samples: Two examples of  feedback you provided for students in a course you taught at Duke, plus a 250–500 word reflection discussing the feedback you gave in relation to ideas you have learned in workshops and/or journal club discussions.

3.  Faculty Meeting

You should meet with a faculty member of the Thompson Writing Program to review and discuss your completed portfolio.