A&S 205S / Writing 205S / Ethics 205S: Composing Oneself

Arts & Science 205S / Writing 205S / Ethics 205S

Composing Oneself: Identity, Stress, & Wellness

Interdisciplinary exploration of arts and science related to stress, identity, and wellness. Multi-dimensional focus fusing science, theory, art, literature, and performance to understand structural causes of stress, their physiological effects, and how stressors impact our identities and community ethics. Through text analysis and experience, students explore how arts of wellness, including yoga, mindfulness, and art therapies, impact stress, identity, and ethics. Course texts include literary and discourse theory, social science, neuroscience, and primary texts related to stress, identity, and wellness, including nonfiction, fiction, poetry, art, music, performance. For more information, contact Denise Comer or Christian Ferney

Composing Oneself


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