About the Writing Studio

The Writing Studio Has Shifted to Online Appointments

In fall 2020, the Writing Studio will be conducting our appointments synchronously online. Please schedule as you normally do. When it's time for your appointment, log into the scheduling software, click on your appointment slot, and click "start or join online conversation." You'll be able to share any writing you've done so far and to video-chat with your consultant. 

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About the Writing Studio

The TWP Writing Studio is dedicated to working with writers both within Duke and the broader Durham community. We facilitate writers' critical and creative thought through collaborative, non-evaluative consultations, workshops, writing groups, and events. In all of our work, we actively seek to support diverse, inclusive writing communities.

At the Writing Studio, you can meet with highly educated writing consultants to discuss your writing concerns. Discussing your work-in-progress with a writing consultant will help you develop the awareness and skills to improve as a writer.

Consultants help at any stage of the writing process – from brainstorming and researching to drafting, revising, and fine-tuning a final draft. Undergraduates may schedule a maximum of one appointment a day and two appointments a week, depending on availability.

Graduate student, upper-level undergraduate, and postgraduate, consultants from a variety of disciplines staff the Writing Studio. All consultants go through extensive and on-going education.