What to Expect When You Visit the TWP Writing Studio

We promote excellence in writing. Our goal is to facilitate writers' development of their writing processes and of their particular writing projects.

  • We explore possibilities with you in your writing and guide you to tools and strategies that will allow you to continue these explorations independently.
  • We suggest strategies, offer encouragement, and provide information to help you move forward with your work. We expect writers to take responsibility for their choices with regard to their own writing.
  • We help you identify points of revision and set priorities based on your current needs.
  • We help you analyze assignments from different disciplines and respond to a variety of academic writing conventions.
  • We act as an audience and give feedback from a reader's perspective.
  • We discuss citation procedures in different disciplines and ensure that the help we give does not violate the Duke Community Standard.

The Writing Studio and COVID-19

We are open our regular hours (9am-9pm, North Carolina local time) for synchronous online appointments. We do not read work in advance for online sessions; instead, all work takes place during these 45-minute sessions.

Any Duke student who is in a time zone OUTSIDE of North America (Atlantic, Eastern, Central, Mountain, Pacific, or Alaska) is also eligible for an asynchronous E-Tutor appointment. If you believe you are eligible for asynchronous appointments (E-Tutors), please include a note in the appointment form explaining your eligibility. If you have questions about whether you are eligible for asynchronous appointments, please email us at These consultations are only appropriate when there is a draft, not for brainstorming. For E-Tutor appointments, please upload a file.