Faculty Write Program

The Faculty Write Program focuses on faculty-as-writers and aims to reinvigorate commitments to writing and teaching writing at Duke. The program emphasizes cultivating multidisciplinary communities of writers to advance faculty writing and conversations about writing and research across the curriculum.

The three key features are:

1. Writing Workshops

Read, Write, Engage. Multi-day workshops offered each May and single day workshops in September and January to help faculty cultivate a sane, productive writing life. Each day includes time to write, as well as hands-on workshops. Writing sessions offer opportunities to write in a comfortable, relaxed space. In workshops, faculty writers learn powerful practices that can help them to incorporate their role as a writer among their many commitments.  Workshops are offered for regular rank and visiting faculty and are appropriate for faculty in any discipline.

2. Writing Communities: Multidisciplinary Writing Groups

Writing is a significant part of our professional lives as faculty. We're working on articles, grant proposals, teaching statements, blogs, or op-eds. Too often, however, we don’t have opportunities to talk about the process, our struggles, or to get feedback from readers outside (or even within) our own departments. The Thompson Writing Program is sponsoring multidisciplinary communities of writers to enhance writing productivity, collegiality, and the exchange of ideas across disciplines. Click here to learn more about the three types of groups.

3. Writing Lives, Teaching Lives: Integrating Writing, Teaching, and Research

Learn more about how faculty link their writing and research to teaching.

The Faculty Write Program website includes more on other offerings, including: a series of writing mini-workshops, an all-day retreat, and links to resources and inspiration.