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The Engaged Scholar

A collaboration with the Forum for Scholars and Publics and the Office of Civic Engagement, The Engaged Scholar Network is a new initiative to explore questions like the following: What kind of engaged research is happening on our campus? Are there opportunities for collaboration? How do we represent our work in our annual reviews and for APT? What would help us advance our scholarship? In addition to sparking campus conversations, this initiative includes Engaged Scholar Network Discussions, an Engaged Scholar Retreat, and  an Engaged Scholar Lunch series to spotlight faculty whose work includes collaborations outside the academy. 

How I Write

In the How I Write initiative, Thompson Writing Program’s Director of Outreach Jennifer Ahern-Dodson talks with working writers across disciplines about their writing lives. What does it look like when they sit down to write? How do they overcome writing obstacles? When do they find the most joy in their work? Invited guests discuss a range of topics, including cultivating creativity, balancing writing research/teaching/mentoring/ administrative commitments, and the role of peer review and institutional support for their work.