Undergraduate Students

The Thompson Writing Program provides you with instruction and resources that enable you to be a better communicator. We offer courses to prepare you for university-level writing, courses to help you hone your writing skills, and writing consultants to discuss your unique writing concerns. We also publish an annual journal that showcases exemplary pieces of student writing from our courses.

TWP Courses

Our primary course offering is Writing 101  (Academic Writing). This one-semester course — required to be taken in the first year by all Duke undergraduates — introduces you to key goals and practices of academic writing. When registering for the course, you may chose from a variety of sections that focus on different topics and readings.

For those not fully prepared for Writing 101, we offer Writing 70 (Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing) — a six-week course addressing key topics such as: reading comprehension; recognizing key ideas; creating theses; conducting research; structuring arguments; eliminating errors in grammar, mechanics and diction; citing sources; and avoiding plagiarism.

Writing 205S (Composing Oneself: Identity, Stress, & Wellness) examines the complex intersections between identity, stress, and wellness.

Writing 270 (Composing the Internship Experience) examines how students currently participating in an internship or other work-related experience can productively narrate their experiences using digital rhetoric and social media.

Writing 293 (Research Independent Study) enables you work with a TWP faculty member to continue a project from your Writing 101 course, or do a different kind of writing-intensive project.

For a complete list of classes offered by TWP, please review our Course Listing. Please note that not all courses are offered each semester. Refer to DukeHub to ensure the class you are interested in is available.

TWP Writing Studio

The TWP Writing Studio offers you the opportunity to meet with highly educated writing consultants to get help with any aspect of a writing project — from brainstorming about research questions to polishing your drafts. You may schedule up to two appointments a week, with a maximum of one a day, depending on availability.

Writing in the Disciplines (WID)

In addition to Writing 101, Trinity College students are required to take two 'writing intensive' courses in order to graduate. These courses — which come from a variety of different departments — are all labeled with the "W" curriculum code. TWP works with faculty and departments to support and develop these Writing in the Discipline (WID) courses.

To see if a course fulfills the writing requirement, be sure to check the curriculum code associated with the course (via the University Bulletin, DukeHub, or the course's departmental website) and look for the "W" designation.