Faculty Resources

As part of our mission, the Thompson Writing Program remains committed to assisting faculty who guide students with writing assignments, as well as working with faculty on their own writing skills. Through our well-established programs, we provide relevant teaching tools and guidelines, along with hands-on consultations, and writing workshops and events.

We further invite faculty – and provide guidance on the appropriate steps – to enhance their courses' writing component and provide outside writing assistance for their students.

Developing Writing & Teaching Skills


Our programs provide one-on-one, private consultations for faculty.

  • Faculty Write Program: We offer consultations on creating and sustaining writing groups, planning a workshop or writing retreat for your department or program, and individual consultations on writing processes, strategic planning, and identifying university resources.
  • Writing in the Discipline: We support faculty by consulting on assignment design, development of W-coded courses, giving feedback and grading.
  • TWP Writing Studio: In our collaborative consultations, we assist all writers at any stage of the writing process – from brainstorming and researching to drafting, revising, and fine-tuning a final draft.

Printed Resources & Guides

Our resources not only help you understand more about TWP’s offerings, they also provide the tools and information necessary to further develop your students’ writing skills.

We outline what you can expect your students to gain through Writing 101, and how you can build upon this foundation academic writing course.

We discuss the value of the Writing in the Disciplines program and include resources to help you work with your students on their writing regardless of course subject or level, develop more effective writing assignments, and provide move constructive feedback on your students' writing.

We support you in your work of Teaching Multilingual Students,discussing ways in which you can enhance inclusivity through classroom culture, peer review, and participation. We share resources that help you design syllabi and assignments with these students in mind as well as guide you in providing effective feedback on texts.

Writing Groups

We sponsor multi-disciplinary communities of writers to enhance writing productivity, collegiality, and the exchange of ideas across disciplines. This gives you the opportunity to talk about the process, your struggles, and get feedback from readers outside (or even within) your own departments.

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We offer multiple retreats during the academic year and the summer. These provide you with an opportunity to set aside time for your writing, and write in the company of others in a comfortable, relaxed space.

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Though our Writing in the Discipline Pedagogy Workshops and our Faculty Write Program Workshops, we offer sessions that help you with your writing, help you work with your students on their writing, balance your teaching and scholarly productivity, collaborate with others effectively, and more. Upcoming Workshops appropriate for faculty are included in the Events listed below.

Enhance Your Courses

Make your classes more attractive to Duke students by having them fulfill general requirements, or offering added assistance to students.

Applying for "W" Code

If writing is a substantial portion of your course, it could be designated as a “Writing” (W-coded) course. All Trinity College undergraduates are required to take at least two “W” courses beyond Writing 101.

Let us outline the process for you and guide you through the application!

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Joining Duke Reader Project

By participating in the Duke Reader Project, your students will have the opportunity to receive feedback on class writing assignments form someone outside the classroom who has professional experience relevant to their project.

See if your course is a fit for this program!

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Workshops in Classrooms

We invite faculty to request in-class workshops, where TWP Writing Studio consultants will customize a program to fit the particular needs of your course. Generally, we prefer that requests for in-class workshops be submitted at least three weeks in advance.

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Writing Resources

We encourage you to explore the Online Resources that we have made available to students. You may draw on these when crafting writing assignments and discussing writing in your class. In addition to material that covers the writing process, we offer extensive guides to writing in different disciplines and writing in a range of genres. We also include ESL/EFL resources, which address everything from ESL-specific grammar and vocabulary concerns to cultural perspectives on plagiarism.

Teaching Excellence Award

Each year, the Duke University Award for Excellence in Teaching Writing recognizes exceptionally strong teachers of academic writing. The award is made possible by the generosity of the Karen Blumenthal and Scott McCartney Endowment.

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