Duke Reader Project

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Duke undergraduate students have the opportunity to receive feedback on a class writing project from someone outside the classroom setting who has professional experience relevant to their project.

This feedback helps you learn to anticipate the needs and expectations of readers, and to revise your writing to make it more effective for the intended audience.

This service is only available for students taking specific Duke courses. This list changes each semester:

Reader Project Courses for Current Semester

Student Testimonials

“My reader was awesome … she had a real penchant for understanding [this type of] writing which made the entire writing process much easier and I gained confidence for writing longer papers… Loved it.” 

“My reader was always willing to read over my work and give very helpful content-focused feedback. It was also great interacting with someone outside of academia, especially for a public policy paper, to see how people in the real world view it.”

“Since [my reader] was working in the pharmaceutical research field he was very in tune with what actual grant proposals looked like and it was very interesting to hear what he had to say about my proposal”

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