Current Issue

Deliberations 2021

Authors and Editors

Authors: Julie Caci, Emily Caplan, Marina Chen, Piper Hampsch, Adam Johnson, Julie Mandimutsira, Chloe Nguyen, Mira Polishook, Kevin Sheng

Editor: Sheryl Welte Emch, Ph.D.

Managing Editor: Melissa Pascoe

Assistant Managing Editor: Michelle Gregersen

Director of Publications: Denise Comer, Ph.D

Deliberations Editorial Board 

Lecturing Fellows: Lisa Andres, Leslie Maxwell, Kerry Ossi-Lupo, Lindsey Smith, Sandra Sotelo-Miller, Miranda Welsh

Student Editors: Michael Cao Trinity ’23, Carlee Goldberg Trinity ’22, Eva Jacobsthal Trinity ’23, Alexa Putka Trinity ’21, Jack Rickards Trinity ’23, Weiyi Zheng Trinity ‘23

Deliberations 2021: Meet the Authors