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Retreats are offered throughout the year and provide faculty an opportunity to set aside time for their writing, and write in the company of others in a comfortable, relaxed space. 

Academic year retreats are typically offered in August, December, and February, and focus on dedicated writing time, strategies for sustaining writing momentum, and goal setting discussions.

The summer retreat and workshop is a four-day immersive writing retreat and includes writing time, workshops, and feedback on works in progress.   

Learn more about faculty experiences in the summer retreat in the Duke News article At summer retreat, faculty brush up on their writing.

Writing retreat facilitators include Jennifer Ahern-Dodson (Duke), Monique Dufour (Virginia Tech), Leslie Garvin (Elon), and Sarah Wilbur (Duke, Dance).

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Regularly Offered Retreats

End-of-Summer Writing Retreat

Want one last writing burst before fall semester begins? Would you like to reconnect with other writers?  Each day of this writing retreat includes time to write independently and optional workshops on strategic planning and balancing life & work for the academic year. 

Fall and Spring Break Retreats

This writing retreat is designed to help you keep (or get) your writing moving during break. Provides a communal and supportive space to make progress on writing during the retreat, strategies to support your writing over break, and consultations. 

Summer Scholarly Writing Retreat & Workshop* 

Want to jump start your summer writing? Interested in learning how to be a more productive and engaged writer this summer? Would you benefit from writing and learning alongside others who also are committed to making progress on a scholarly writing project? Each day of this four-day scholarly writing retreat includes both hands-on workshops and time to write independently in a comfortable, relaxed space. Learn practical skills about productive writing habits, make progress on a writing project, and participate in a writing community. This retreat is designed to help you to reconnect with yourself, your work, and one another. If you want to spend some time with your writing, the retreat can help you to figure out the best way forward for you.  

*Celebrating 10th annual retreat in Summer 2022

Scholarly Writing Retreat: ALUMNI EDITION

Advanced writing retreat designed for writers who've participated in at least one summer retreat.

Tenure Track Women Writers  

This retreat provides women faculty working toward tenure a communal and supportive space to make progress on their writing. Includes independent writing time, consultations, and workshops on writing and improving work/life integration.

Writing, Mindfulness, and Movement

In this retreat, writers dedicate time to writing, quietly but also in community. Participants will have an opportunity to engage in activities designed to awaken awareness of physical habits and renew commitment to their writing as a fundamentally embodied practice.

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Summer 2019 Scholarly Writing Retreat

Participant Feedback


“The retreat energized me for the final push of revisions on my book manuscript. I am extremely grateful for the experience, and think it is every bit as important as the FHI Faculty Book Manuscript Completion Fellowship in supporting Duke faculty to achieve their best in scholarly writing.”
— Nicole Barnes, Assistant Professor of History, 2017 Scholarly Writing Retreat participant

“Having experienced faculty writing retreats and faculty advice before, I think what’s most valuable about this program is that it doesn’t have the attitude that faculty should be research machines and if you apply X productivity technique, you will be able to produce research like a machine. Instead, this retreat has the idea that you should learn to work efficiently, within a community of support, and with joy for your research.”
— 2018 Scholarly Writing Retreat participant

“I cannot describe how important this retreat and others are for my writing. Moreover, through my continued participation in Faculty Write activities over the years, I have become not only a better writer, but, through that, a better teacher and mentor.”
— 2019 participant

“I always love getting to know people from all over campus.  I feel that I am a part of an academic community beyond my own department/school.”
— 2017 participant

“The time and effort the facilitators put into organizing the workshops and into listening to the needs, concerns, and challenges of each participant—as well as creating a space for participants to learn from and support each other—makes this a transformative experience.”
— 2018 participant

“Thank you for providing a safe, thoughtful, respectful, and nurturing environment this week for the group to grow as writers.”
— 2018 participant