Consultant Bios


Max Beninger

When I’m not working on my dissertation, I enjoy running, drumming and reading. I write almost exclusively in coffee shops. I find that the laid-back environment (and easy access to coffee) enable me to write in a relaxed and creative manner.

Surabhi Beriwal

My interests are Taekwondo, dance, trying new foods, traveling, and meeting new people. My love for writing stems from my love for reading. I am amazed by the seamless way in which my favorite authors communicate their thoughts. Although I love prose, my favorite written pieces are often poetry because poetic verse can often tackle many complex ideas and convey them in beautiful, rhythmic writing. When I am trying to avoid writing, I generally surf the Internet for random articles, go workout, or just daydream.

James Bradford


Emily Brockman

I like hiking, baking, collecting mugs, running, and beachcombing. What I love most about writing is the power it has to communicate in a way that allows readers to view the world from perspectives wildly different from their own. Despite our differences, writing allows people to see each other's humanness in it’s purest form and serves as a bridge between each individual’s unique experience. When I’m trying to avoid writing I fidget and engage in other activities I feel like I can control such as working out, cleaning, or making lists.

Jamie Browne 

Jamie doesn't really differentiate between life and hobbies. Some of the things I like to do but don't usually get paid for are reading and watching science fiction, cooking Southern, Mexican, or African food, hanging out under the full moon, and wandering around in swamps. My favorite thing about writing is when I can surprise my audience. I also love that feeling of finally getting something down on paper that's been banging around inside my head for days. When I'm trying to avoid writing, I usually clean something. 

Devin Buckley


Lauren Bunce

My hobbies include drinking coffee, reading fiction, and dancing. One thing I like about writing is that sometimes it feels like dancing--I can follow a choreographed routine, but improvisation and creativity lead me to unexpected outcomes. I like to take long walks when I’m trying to avoid writing, often picking up a pine cone, leaf, or rock to take home. Surrounding my writing space with things I like really helps me ease into the writing process.

Nelia Ekeji

I like reading, running, baking, practicing my French, and watching Netflix. My favorite thing about writing is the fact that it’s the best way for me to take any thoughts in my head, be it something that comforts or concerns me, and turn it into something tangible. Whenever I’m having difficulty writing or I have a case of writer’s block, I always step away from the piece as a means of clearing my head. I’ll do a variety of activities before returning to it, but a good Netflix binge usually does the trick!

Kristiana Gambuti

I’m an avid lover of writing, reading, coffee, podcasts, the beach, baking cookies and fuzzy socks. I also enjoy hanging out with friends and engaging in meaningful conversations. My favorite part of writing is the beautiful and delicate power it has. I can write anytime, anywhere and feel as though I am conversing with something much deeper and greater than myself. Writing is so multi-faceted and every author brings something different to the page. When I am trying to avoid writing (or am having trouble getting my ideas down), I usually go on a walk or a run to clear my mind.

Juliana Hoover 

A lot of things I enjoy are food-related. Cooking, baking, eating, and walking grocery store aisles. I also enjoy music, learning new languages, and traveling. Writing presents so many possibilities. I love how the process of writing can bring me to new realizations I never planned on. When trying to avoid writing, I usually reorganize something or take a walk.

Nick Huber

My academic research has started to overtake my hobbies and I now spend a lot of my “free” time reading about money. When I was of sounder mind, I spent as much time swimming, making music, and reading novels as I could. When writing, I like to amuse myself with miniscule structural gimmicks. I also like the way the process of writing often changes my thinking. Unfortunately, I never have to “try” to avoid writing; that comes easily.

Laura Jaramillo

In my spare time, I watch tons of movies and really enjoy going to the movie theater, even to see movies I know I probably won’t like. My favorite aspect of writing is how my final written thoughts always surprise me a little. They are often quite  different from what I sat down expecting to write. When I’m trying to avoid writing ‘I,’ I try to step back and evaluate whether it is actually necessary to efface myself from the text or not. Sometimes it is and just as frequently, it isn’t.

​Alyssa Miller


Brennen Neeley

During my free time, I read (specifically, I binge read, then binge re-read). I also enjoy watching movies, eating, and having conversations so long the day changes before the topic does. My favorite thing about writing is my close connection with every phrase, punctuation mark, sentence--writing is distinctly mine in a way other things aren't. That connection--the authority my words give me--is, I suppose, why I like writing so much. When I take this thought to heart and become too neurotic to write, you'll find me pacing around campus.

Margaret Swezey

Some things I enjoy are reading (especially fiction and history), walking (especially in the woods), cooking and eating Indian food, and spending time in the mountains or with her wonderful cat. My favorite thing about writing is using visual techniques, such as concept mapping and color. Laying things out visually really helps me with all kinds of writing process and problems, including brainstorming and organization. When I'm trying to avoid writing, decluttering my apartment suddenly becomes appealing. If I'm avoiding writing, it usually means I'm feeling stuck, so I try breaking the writing task into smaller parts and do one of them, and that usually solves the problem.

Matthew Valnes

Matthew's hobbies include listening to music, reading, and running. I also enjoy watching sports on TV. My favorite thing about writing is when I finally find the perfect way to express an idea that I've been working through in my head. When I'm trying to avoid writing, I'll usually clean something, read, or binge watch TV.