Undergraduate Writing Accountability Group

Undergraduate Writing Accountability Group

The Undergraduate Writing Accountability Group (UWAG) aims to help undergraduates stay motivated and invested in long-term writing projects (like theses).

Participation in the group is easy!

Every Tuesday, writers will set goals for the week and then review the previous week’s goals via email. Every Friday, writers will meet at 12 p.m. ( in Perkins 112 or on Zoom) for a two-hour Pomodoro writing session; although attending the full session is encouraged, it is certainly not required. Friday writing  sessions will be led by a trained writing studio consultant who will offer motivation, accountability, and resources to writers.


WHEN: UWAG begins the week of March 18th! Please email writingstudio@duke.edu by Monday, March 18th to participate.

WHERE: Tuesday check-ins will happen via email and Friday sessions will be in Perkins 112 (the TWP Writing Studio space) and on Zoom.

Note: Participation is voluntary and participants do not have to attend every session or even participate every week.