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Number Title Codes Notes
WRITING 65 Writing Transfer across Contexts
WRITING 70 Introduction to Critical Reading and Writing
WRITING 89S First-Year Seminar: Special Topics
WRITING 101 Academic Writing
WRITING 165S Making Your Voice Heard: The Arts of Oral Communication, Critical Speaking, and Digital Rhetoric EI, ALP
WRITING 190S Special Topics: Writing in the Disciplines
WRITING 190SA Special Topics: Writing in the Disciplines
WRITING 199FS Knowing Through Performance R, W, ALP, SS
WRITING 205S Composing Oneself: Stress, Identity, and Wellness EI, W, ALP, SS
WRITING 255S Literacy, Writing, Tutoring W, SS
WRITING 267S The Dialog Laboratory: Experiences in Group Communication EI, ALP
WRITING 270 Composing the Internship Experience: Topics in Digital Rhetoric and Social Media Discourse W, ALP
WRITING 271 Reflective Writing and the Internship/Work Experience W Note that Writing 271 no longer requires a prerequisite of Writing 270. This change will be reflected in the catalog description and on this page soon. There is also no longer department consent required and this change will also be reflected soon. If you have questions about Writing 271, please contact TWP DUS Jessica Corey at
WRITING 275S Cyber Connections: Communication in the Digital Age W, ALP
WRITING 280S Ethics of Ethnography: In the Field and on the Page EI, R, W, SS
WRITING 293 Research Independent Study R, W
WRITING 305S Writing about Performance CCI, R, W, ALP
WRITING 315S Argument Across the Disciplines W
WRITING 384 Public Speaking: Policy Advocacy and Communication W
WRITING 390S Advanced Special Topics: Writing in the Disciplines
WRITING 591 Independent Study
WRITING 808 Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching Writing in the Disciplines