Writing Resources

TWP Writing Studio provides more detailed information and guides in the following subject areas. To see the full list of student resources available in each, simply click on the header link.

Writing as a Process

How do you operate as a writer? What elements need to go into an academic paper? This section offers strategies for improving your personal writing process and includes overviews of the elements of academic writing.

Grammar & Reference Guides

A collection of grammar and reference guides both at Duke and other institutions.

Genres of Writing

We use the term genres to describe categories of written texts that have recognizable patterns, syntax, techniques, and/or conventions. This page offers genres students can expect to encounter during their time at Duke.

Writing for Specific Disciplines

While some attributes of academic writing remain constant across disciplines, others vary to meet standards and expectations of specific fields. The short guides on this page offer tips for writing within specific academic disciplines.

Working with Sources

This section includes resources for evaluating sources, citing sources appropriately, and avoiding plagiarism.

ESL/EFL Resources

Especially tailored to non-native speakers and their instructors, these resources on this page supplement our other links on Writing as a Process.

Resources for Writers with Learning Differences

This site, created by former Embedded Writing Consultant Logan Beyer, provides suggestions to empower undergraduates with LDs to develop a writing process that draws upon their unique strengths and learning styles. The site also contains links to Duke-specific resources for students with learning differences.

Handouts for High-Schoolers

The handouts for high school students on this page are intended to provide support for a variety of writing activities and context.

Freelance Editing & Help for Hire

Contact information and advice for hiring freelance editors.