Applying and Transferring Writing 101 Knowledge

TWP faculty work with you to cultivate an approach to writing centered on integrative learning and transfer. This transfer-based approach asks you to think actively about how you can apply what you learn in Writing 101 to other writing and non-writing occasions. Such an approach invites you to integrate learning and knowledge by making connections between, across, against, and within your courses and experiences.  

This approach encourages you to think deeply about yourself as a writer and learner, not only in terms of what you are learning, but how you are learning, and about how that knowledge might be applied to other contexts, especially as connected to your own dynamic goals and strengths.

Specifically, Writing 101 helps you think about how to transfer the following domains of learning from your Writing 101 courses:  

  • writing skills (articulating positions, citing the work of others, etc.)
  • writing practices (providing and receiving feedback, drafting, revising, etc.)  
  • content-related knowledge from the course’s area of inquiry 
  • the ways of learning that work best for them as individuals 
  • reflections on values, priorities, ideals, and goals—as learners and, more generally, as members of varying local and global communities  

By becoming more active in your own approach to learning and transfer, TWP helps you move forward in an ongoing process of becoming a stronger writer — a process that begins before Duke, includes Writing 101, and is then further strengthened through subsequent writing and non-writing occasions at Duke and beyond.