TWP's Fall 2021 Featured Writing Course

Featured Writing Course Fall 2021
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Check out the Thompson Writing Program's Fall 2021 Featured Writing Course!

Writing 270S Fall 2021

Tuesday/Thursday 3:30-4:45

Instructor: Joseph Ren

Cyber Connections: Writing in a Time of Climate Crisis


The opening decades of the 21st century have witnessed ever intensifying climate catastrophes-- record numbers of hurricanes, record wildfires, continental drought. These catastrophes have in turn compounded staggering social inequality and apparent governmental dysfunction/ Consequently, the apparent threats social, economic, and ecological catastrophe post toward future survival preoccupies contemporary culture. How do we respond to the climate crisis through writing? We will explore how essays and narratives (e.g. in film, fiction, and podcasts) advocate for environmental justice. We will hone their research, writing, and editing skills and will have the  opportunity to produce small documentaries and podcast episodes that we will develop together peer workshopping and collaborative writing. 

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Offered by Thompson Writing Program and LAMP (Language, Arts & Media Program)