Teaching Multilingual Students

The Thompson Writing Program offers the following resources to support faculty in teaching multilingual students. Our resource on best practices offers insights on aspects of classroom culture, peer review, participation, and virtual courses. We also provide support for giving feedback on texts, designing course materials, and understanding the alphabet soup of acronyms used in discussing multilingual contexts. Our TWP brochure for faculty shares additional details on teaching multilingual writers and on designing feedback.

Our Best Practices: Enhancing Inclusivity resource outlines pedagogical choices that serve to support and engage multilingual students, including through inviting greater participation.

The Strategies for Responding to Texts resource shares norms of intercultural writing that may be reflected in student texts and offers guidelines on providing feedback for multilingual writers.

Our TWP resource on Designing Inclusive Course Assignments and Syllabi addresses ways in which these course materials could more fully engage multilingual students. 

The Acronyms and Terms for Multilingual Contexts resource decodes common descriptors such as EAL and NNES as well as defining terms such as translanguaging.

The Teaching Multilingual Writers brochure offers overall guidelines to faculty, while our Support for Multilingual Students brochure is designed for faculty to share with students.